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Featured insight

Ontario poll on the Liberal leadership race: Ontarians give Crombie highest scores, best outlook against Ford

Pluriel's November 2023 What Canadians Think omnibus survey was in the field on November 26th, the day of the Ontario Liberal Party's leadership vote. Here we provide a unique snapshot into Ontarians' views on the leadership race.

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On eve of new alcohol retail rules in Ontario, 47% support beer & wine in convenience stores

With the Ontario government set to announce a new deal in alcohol retail, a Pluriel poll finds 47% support for beer and wine sales in convenience stores, while only 29% oppose.

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Federal conservatives maintain lead, substantial gap in personal vs. national economic optimism

Poilievre's Conservatives lead Trudeau's Liberals 39% to 25%. There is a mismatch between Canadians' relative optimism for their personal finances vs. the nation's economy as a whole, and these trends are apparent in how they rate Trudeau's performance as PM.

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Large majority of Canadians want Bank of Canada to lower interest rates, believe economy is in recession

Ahead of the December 6th interest rate announcement by the Bank of Canada, 68% of Canadians think it's time for interest rates to start coming down.

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Our Advantage

Our advantage starts with our leadership. Pluriel is headed by Gabriel De Roche, a political scientist and social researcher who has designed and executed complex survey projects in more than 40 countries. His work has been published by a wide range of outlets and organizations from the Washington Post and the British Journal of Political Science, to the US Immigration Policy Center and the Smart Prosperity Institute, and has been referenced by President Joe Biden in White House communications.

Gabe built a rich skillset in data science, econometrics, market research, and public opinion through PhD-level training in quantitative political science at one of the top-10 university departments in the United States. We are able to deliver insights faster and more accurately by applying the best practices of leading edge researchers in America for our clients in Canada.

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