Our mission

Our mission is to empower organizations of all sizes to make smarter decisions with better research.

We believe that technology and leading-edge statistical techniques have made it possible to produce more accurate research faster and more cost-effectively than ever before.

Good decision-making starts with good research, and whether serving a global brand or a local non-profit, we equip our clients with the research they need to make smarter decisions.

What sets us apart

We use leading edge technology and statistical techniques to deliver high-quality research faster and cost-effectively.


On-demand research delivered within 72-hours

Insights are only valuable when they're delivered in time for clients to make informed decisions. We believe public opinion research should take hours, not weeks. Our market-leading survey methodologies and high-frequency data products enable fast turnaround on quality insights.


Innovative research techniques and methodology

Cutting-edge research designs from the marketing and product research world are under-used in public affairs, strategic communications, and advocacy. We work with clients to design bespoke research programs for message testing, policy design and positioning, audience targeting, and more.


Robust research options tailored for your budget

Our data collection methodologies help our clients manage costs without sacrificing on quality or depth of insight. We're online-first, maintaining stringent data quality guardrails while improving the representativeness of the samples we collect. This approach leads to reduced bias, better accuracy, and cost-effective research programs.

Our leadership advantage

Pluriel is led by our founder, Gabriel De Roche, a political scientist and social researcher who has designed and executed complex survey projects in more than 40 countries.

His work has been published by a wide range of outlets and organizations from the Washington Post and the British Journal of Political Science, to the US Immigration Policy Center and the Smart Prosperity Institute, and has been referenced by President Joe Biden in White House communications.

Gabe built a rich skillset in data science, econometrics, market research, and public opinion through PhD-level training in quantitative political science at one of the top-10 university departments in the United States. We are able to deliver insights faster and more accurately by applying the best practices of leading edge researchers in America for our clients in Canada.

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